Business Lines

The Business Lines of ITP in the Greater Toronto Area

Help your business communicate more effectively with ITP’s flexible billing plans for business lines and long distance. ITP’s services simplify your telecommunications infrastructure in one user-friendly package, while allowing you to devote more time to your customers, and less time in operations maintenance.

Flat Rate Billing
Save money around the clock with ITP’s Flat Rate Billing plans, which offer continuous savings no matter the time of day.

Account Codes
Demystify your company’s phone bill with Account Code services from ITP. We can help you track and allocate calls by location, user, division, and by customer. These codes can even be easily worked into your current accounting procedures.

Flexible Billing Options
Want a nice, consolidated invoice sent to your head office, or even separate invoices for each office? With ITP, we allow your business to easily organize your calling costs. And, your calls are always totaled at the national level, maximizing your discounts!

Corporate Calling Card
Whether you need to work from home or afar, you’re always connected to the ITP network with our Corporate Calling Card service. Your Corporate Calling Card can be used throughout North America, as well as many international locations.

Make your business truly “open for business” with the business line services of ITP – call our 365 Communications Centre today!